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Running a small business from home

Running a small business from home


1. You can get an XML dealer

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The profitability offered by the franchise system is not only promoted by opening physical dealers, but the increase in the number of companies offering XML dealers in recent years offers entrepreneurs several advantages. You can realize your dream of making money from the Internet by entering into this partnership based on the sale of products and services. Before buying an XML dealership, you can improve yourself in terms of SEO and earn high marks.


2.You can make a website translation

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Although it is generally displayed in freelancing tasks, we want to convey information specific to website translation. Website translation requires more than translating sentences from the source language into the target language. Website translation, which requires very complicated localization studies that require experience, provides a significant income for people with a high knowledge of foreign languages. For more detailed information on different ways to make money online and localization, you can check out the content we have covered on the topic of making money online.


Speaking of translation, we would like to briefly mention subtitle translation. Because of the interest in foreign productions, platforms like NETFLIX that need subtitle translations hire freelance translators with high unit prices. If you are sure about localization, you can start your translation application.


3. earn money by filling out surveys and watching videos

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Making money by filling out surveys and watching videos is one of the blessings the Internet offers us. If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer and don’t want to earn high income in an instant, you can make a move for these business ideas based on the logic of drop-by-drop. You can quickly start earning money from home by registering on reliable sites where you can get your money and define your interests.


4. Stock Photography

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If you have interest, curiosity and knowledge about photography, you can do stock photography. You can license the photos you take and upload them to the sites where the photos are purchased. However, keep in mind that this business idea may not be as simple as described. You need to come up with special concepts to attract the attention of big companies or news sites through stock photos. For example, you can make your photo stand out when the relevant keyword is written. If you want more detailed information about stock photography, you can check out our article on making money with stock photos.


5. Mobile application software

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Again, we are here with a business idea that you can freelance and earn extra income. In recent years, the importance of mobile applications has increased and the income of mobile application developers has increased exponentially. If you are interested in software and want to have a job that can save your life, you can improve yourself in the field of mobile software. You can realize your dream of making money from home by writing special mobile applications for demanding companies. Even if you don’t receive requests from companies, you can generate ad revenue based on your own opinion through the application you write.



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